Ephemera, Etcetera — a poem

Gary Hartley
Aug 16, 2023
Fly tipped sofa and wreckage
Photo: cc-by-sa/2.0 — © Albert Bridgegeograph.org.uk/p/4172758

There is a man lying not-dead dead

On the bridge, as if it matters

Police in attendance

Rubber-necked barely bother to twist

There is a teenager pushing a supermarket trolley

Over a precipice into shrubs

To assess what is the point

Would be a waste of everyone’s time

Another bloke takes a piss

Beside a municipal dustbin

A lady screams at an aloof seagull

In something like Esperanto

So here it is, another day, hooray

Another bloody day



Gary Hartley

Writer of different things. Come for the insects, stay for the odd literary works, or vice versa. @garyfromleeds https://medium.com/insectsandthat